We believe we must reconnect with natural materials, ingredients and products to inspire healthier people and a sustainable planet.

Welcome to The Natural Edition.

We are a modern lifestyle brand where wellness is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that what you put on and around your body is an important part of feeling good. 

Modern lifestyles mean we are surrounded by an increasing amount of synthetics and chemicals of concern. We are on a mission to elevate and inspire the shift to more “natural”. We do this by discovering, curating and creating fabulous natural lifestyle products that celebrate your individual style. We hope to inspire better choices that work for you and embrace your lifestyle. 

Our Clothing

We believe in fewer and better and that comfort can coexist with style. Our premium essentials are made from luxuriously soft (and sustainable) fabrics in easy-to-wear, and flattering shapes that are versatile and timeless. Simplify your wardrobe with essentials that work for every occasion and season and complement your existing pieces.

Our Fabric

We believe nature delivers the best feel on the skin. Our bespoke signature fabrics are the softest and most luxurious we could find; and all made from certified sustainable natural fibres. Be kind to your skin with fabrics free of chemicals of concern, whilst minimising the impact on our environment. 

Our Factories

We only partner with suppliers who share our values. Our partners in Turkey are leading the way with sustainable fashion. They are committed to only working with eco-friendly fabrics as well as providing fair working conditions. Questioning how your clothes are made will create a safer, fairer and more transparent fashion industry.

Our Packaging

We have no plastic packaging. It is non-negotiable. Today, nearly all garments are packed in a plastic poly-bag before leaving the factory and end up as landfill, or worse, in the oceans! We wanted to ensure that the packaging you received could be recycled so we created our own kraft pouch packaging that looks great too! 

Our Blog

We believe that we all have the power to bring about positive change through the every-day choices we make. 

We want to extend the conversation to other parts of your lives: Natural Food, Natural Style, Natural Beauty, Natural Home, Natural Wellbeing, & Natural Inspiration. In our blog section we consciously curate relevant articles, healthy recipes, tips and insights to inspire better choices that can make a difference.

Plant A Tree

We want to give something back to the planet. 

When you place an order, we plant a tree on your behalf with our partner One Tree Planted. To learn more about tree planting follow us on instagram @the_natural_edition