Grilled Baby Gem & Feta Salad

Vegetarian | Gluten Free

A delicious salad that is fresh and light and easy to make. The feta can be substituted with halloumi cheese as another option. 

Recipe by Marcin Ksiazka

Serves 4


4 Baby Gem Lettuce

Oil for grilling

100g Feta Cheese (or optional Halloumi cheese)

2 Tablespoons of Chopped chives

Salt and Pepper to season


150g Pomegranate seeds

100g Hazelnuts Toasted and chopped

2 Tablespoons of Pomegranate molasses

20ml Sherry vinegar

30ml Maple syrup

50ml Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper


1. Slice the baby gem lettuces in half and season with a little salt and pepper.

2. Add some oil to the grill and lightly grill on the cut side for 1 minute. Once grilled place on a plate lined with paper towel to remove excess oil. 

3. Slice the feta into triangles and you can either fry the feta for 30mins in the pan or use raw.

4. Make the dressing by placing all dressing ingredients in a bowl and stir until well combined.

5. Place the baby gem lettuce on a plate and arrange the feta on top. Spoon the dressing over and finally sprinkle the chopped chives (we have sprinkled on a few edible flowers as well but this is optional).

Marcin Ksiazka (@hoppy_chef) is a classically trained chef with a passion for wellness, healthy cuisine and plant based cooking. Marcin's culinary journey includes working for Michelin starred chef Jason Atherton, head of kitchen operations and menu creation at health and wellness club Grace Belgravia and later Farm Girl Chelsea. Marcin is currently a private chef for events, retreats, and a healthy menu consultant.