Cotton is the most used fibre in clothing production but currently only 1% of cotton produced worldwide is organic. The switch to organic cotton is one that has a big positive impact on both planet and people.

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5 Reasons You Need To Switch To Organic Cotton


    Feel Good. Organic. Essential.

    Our season-less modern basics are designed for everyday effortless style. Created sustainably and ethically, from the softest premium Organic Cotton, and made to last. 

    We love Organic Cotton as not only is it better for your skin but switching from conventional to organic has far reaching positive impact for both people and planet.

    Choosing Organic Cotton is better for the health of workers in the cotton industry (300 million globally), better for ecosystems, soil health, water consumption (91% less water required to make organic cotton t-shirts) and there are 46% less greenhouse gases emitted with organic cotton. Cotton is the most used fibre in production but currently only 1% is organic.

    When you buy a Tee, we plant a Tree!

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